Interior Design Salary Guide

Interior Design Salary Guide for London and the UK. Most people find it difficult to judge the level of salary they deserve for the specific skills, ability, and experience they bring to any particular job role. However, good information about relative remuneration levels across the industry can give both employers and their staff confidence that the salary levels offered are fair and appropriate.

If you would like to discuss your salary please feel free to contact Architecture with questions in how to get a raise. How to give teams the correct bonus structure and keep staff in your company. The salaries should be fair for all and we hope this keeps the industry informed.  This information is updated periodically and is benchmarked against the market. Please contact us with up to date information for our Interior Design Salary Guide.

Junior Interior Designer£22,000£24,000£26,000
Midweight Interior Designer£29,000£34,000£39,000
Senior Interior Designer£39,000£45,000£50,000+
Junior Interior Architect£22,000£25,000£27,000
Interior Architect£29,000£41,000£46,000
Senior Interior Architect£39,000£43,000£50,000