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Immerse yourself in a fulfilling career as a Landscape Planner, where you’ll merge the realms of built and natural landscapes, curating vibrant and sustainable surroundings for our communities. From envisioning captivating urban parks to safeguarding the allure of rural conservation areas, Landscape Planners play an instrumental role in harmonizing human needs with environmental preservation. Leveraging our extensive network with renowned architecture and design studios in London, connects talented Landscape Planners with their ideal roles.

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    Frequently asked questions about Landscape Planner roles

    Embark on an exhilarating and diverse career as a Landscape Planner, where every day brings new challenges. Embrace a dynamic blend of office-based tasks and fieldwork, as you delve into conducting site studies, crafting comprehensive reports, evaluating environmental impact, presenting compelling proposals to clients, and overseeing on-site progress.

    As a Landscape Planner, your ability to effectively collaborate with a wide array of professionals, including Contractors, Architects, Urban Designers, Surveyors, and Civil Engineers, is paramount. Strong communication skills, enabling seamless interaction with individuals at all levels, are indispensable. A genuine passion for the preservation of the natural environment and a deep understanding of conservation principles are equally vital. Harness your creative flair, coupled with proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) and a meticulous eye for detail, to excel in this role.

    Discover a rewarding landscape planning career, with salaries for Landscape Planners ranging from approximately £25,000 to £34,000 per year.