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At Architecture, we regularly connect Midweight Interior Designer jobs with some of London’s best interior designers. And since our recruiters come from a design background, having all worked in various practices before moving into recruitment, we know the industry and can offer honest, credible advice on your next career move. We’re a down-to-earth bunch who speak to clients and candidates as real people. This means no jargon, no waffle and no fluff – just a genuine passion for the industry and its people. We have an amazing team ready to discus your Midweight Interior Designer jobs needs.

Our job board below displays our current Middleweight Interior Design roles in London.

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    FrequEntly asked questions about Midweight Interior Designer roles

    Many people think interior design is simply about collecting colour charts, choosing fabrics and picking out appropriate furniture – and once upon a time, this may have been true. But nowadays Interior Designers must be able to read blueprints, recognise building codes, understand accessibility standards, and will frequently collaborate with engineers, electricians and contractors to develop design plans that enhance the function, safety and aesthetics of indoor spaces.

    Middleweight Interior Designers will typically have several years’ experience as a Junior Interior Designer and will have a strong portfolio of work that demonstrates their breadth of expertise across a range of projects.

    Modern Interior Designers are typically involved from the start of the planning process and will plan each element of a building’s interior from the physical lay-out of rooms, to picking colour schemes and light fittings. As a key member of the design team, typical responsibilities for Middleweight Interior Designers include developing schematic designs, sourcing materials and fabrics, finding new suppliers, drafting drawings and attending projects to review the installation of items.

    Working closely with contractors, suppliers and architects, you will need to be able to coordinate a multitude of tasks simultaneously. Up-to-date knowledge of design trends, innovative design materials, products and suppliers is key. Interior Designers must be able to read blueprints and understand building codes and safety regulations. All roles in design require exceptional communication skills and it’s essential that all Interior Designers are able translate their visions to clients and colleagues through drawings and specifications.

    Salaries for Middleweight Interior Designers range from around £25,000 to £35,000 per year, as indicated by our Salary Guide. Designed to help ensure candidates are getting the right wage, the guide provides a handy overview of the average salaries for professionals working across the architectural spectrum in the UK.