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At Architecture, we relish the challenge of connecting talented Architectural Visualisers with some of London’s most well-known architecture practices. Architecture was set up with the aim of establishing a creative recruitment agency run by consultants from the design industry. This means that each member of our team has a genuine passion for Architectural Visualiser jobs, as well as connections to some of London’s best architecture firms, and can offer honest, credible advice on your next career move.

Our job board below displays the full list of current Architectural Visualiser jobs. Before applying, please take a look at our CV Guide for top tips from our expert recruiters to ensure you’re showcasing your skills in the best way.

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    Frequently asked questions about Architecturel Visualiser Roles

    Delve into the realm of architectural visualisation and witness the magical transformation of Architects’ designs into captivating realities. Architectural Visualisers possess the extraordinary ability to breathe life into projects, allowing clients to envision their creations before they even take form. From intricate sketches to cutting-edge 3D renderings, interactive 360˚ panoramas, and the latest virtual reality experiences, these visualisation wizards showcase a practice’s design prowess and capture the imagination of prospective clients.

    Collaborating closely with architectural and interior design teams, Architectural Visualisers craft impeccable drawings and renders for planning submissions and presentations. Armed with a repertoire of tools like Photoshop, Sketchup, and 3D Studio Max, they adeptly manage individual projects and contribute to larger-scale endeavors as part of a dynamic team. Moreover, their expertise extends to actively participating in presenting design proposals to clients and managers, amplifying the impact of their visual creations.

    Architectural Visualisers possess art and design-related degrees in architecture, interior design, or 3D design, reflecting their passion for the craft. Their discerning eye for detail pairs seamlessly with their mastery of design software, including 3DX, Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, and Revit. Proficiency in modeling and texturing adds an extra layer of finesse to their work, making it an invaluable asset in their creative arsenal.

    Salary ranges for Visualisers can vary considerably and are dependent on various factors.