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    Receptionist Jobs Unveiled: Vital Roles in Architectural Studios

    Become an integral part of architectural excellence as a receptionist, where your presence contributes to the seamless functioning of studios. From warmly welcoming visitors to building relationships with clients and consultants, your contributions shape an environment that reflects architectural brilliance.

    Frequently asked questions about Receptionist roles in Architecture

    As a receptionist in architecture, you provide comprehensive secretarial support, serving as the backbone of the front-of-house team. Your duties encompass being the initial point of contact for clients and visitors, maintaining tidy and inviting reception areas, coordinating lunches and meeting rooms, handling incoming calls, procuring office supplies, and arranging reliable courier services.

    A poised and professional appearance, along with exceptional telephone etiquette, are crucial qualities for receptionists. Your proficiency in time management is paramount as you handle multiple tasks simultaneously, demonstrating unwavering composure even under pressure. Proficiency in software applications like Microsoft Office is a valuable asset, showcasing your commitment to excellence in all aspects of your role.

    Receptionists can expect to earn from £19,000 to more than £28,000 per year.