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    Fequently asked questions about BIM Coordinator Job roles in Architecture

    In architecture, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a critical tool for managing information and data about a project throughout its lifecycle. BIM Coordinators are key players in the project team who ensure that this essential information is coordinated accurately to minimise risk, reduce costs, and speed up construction times.

    BIM Coordinators won’t usually have any design accountabilities but will instead be masters of information management, responsible for ensuring all key stakeholders are following BIM protocols and standards. The role sits within the BIM team and may provide Revit support, training and building standards and libraries

    BIM Coordinators are experts in information management, responsible for ensuring that all stakeholders comply with BIM standards and protocols. Although they may not have design responsibilities, they play a crucial role in coordinating project data. They are typically part of the BIM team, providing Revit support, training, and building standards and libraries.

    According to our Salary Guide, BIM Coordinators in London can expect to earn between £41,000 and £54,000 per year.