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    Frequently Asked Questions about Architectural Technologist Job roles

    Architectural Technologists play a vital role in the building and construction industry. They are experts in the technology of architecture and bring an in-depth knowledge of building science and technology to the design and development of architectural plans.

    The duties of an Architectural Technologist involve leading the technological aspects of a building’s design, including detailing, materials, and sustainability elements. They are responsible for preparing and presenting design proposals, and advising on specifications, materials, and detailed design solutions that relate to performance and production criteria. Architectural Technologists may also be required to manage and coordinate the design team for a project from start to finish.

    To be successful in this field, Architectural Technologists must possess excellent communication skills, as they regularly receive feedback from clients and building occupants. They must also have a comprehensive understanding of the entire construction process and how materials affect building performance. Knowledge of how design influences a project’s performance and functional issues is also essential.

    According to industry reports, Architectural Technologists with one to five years of experience can expect to earn an annual salary ranging from £21,000 to £35,000. Senior Technologists with six to 10 years of experience typically earn between £34,000 and £50,000 per year